Initially I went to the class because it sounded interesting and fun, but it turned out to be much, much more. Through Joyce’s guidance, the entire process was extremely freeing both creatively and emotionally. I worked through a block I wasn’t aware of and found a deep sense of relief and joy after completing my paintings.

Karla Sinclair

The class was a powerful meditation for me. In the first painting I sorted through the issues of launching my business. In the second I received clarity about my next steps. I had a most productive day.

Diane Beal

One of the major realizations as a result of the class was just how much joy, excitement and passion I felt during and after the class. I left feeling as if I was three feet off the ground! Each painting that I completed, told a story about me. So, I thank you so very much for your part in bringing forth your “passion” and bringing people together who want to find their joy, passion and peace for themselves for a happy and fulfilling life!

Carol Vincent

Thank you so much for a wonderful painting class! I truly let go. I felt joy during the first painting and felt inspired. When I started my second painting I sensed that my mind wanted to control what was happening. I stopped, breathed and just let go. It was a wonderful experience. After class I felt lighter and a greater sense of peace.

Cindi Echelson