Intuitive Painting Classes

Crossing Over The Bridge To The Future

January 22, 2022, from 1:30-4:00PM EST Zoom Platform

It has been a challenging, dark night of the Soul last year. A year filled with drastic change and transitions. It is time to take a deep breath, slow down and relax.

Art, music, beauty, nature, and community have helped us to move forward and stabilize our lives.

Let’s take time to celebrate! We will use our imagination to visualize that we are Crossing Over The Bridge To Our Future, in 2022.

Please join me for a powerful, fun art class with a group of wonderful, people.
No experience is needed in our play art class.

What You Need to Bring To Class:
Inexpensive paints such as Tempera, brushes, paper (any size) You can purchase inexpensive art supplies at Michaels.

Fee: for one class $65.00

Joyce Dillon, RN, MN, BCC

Joyce Dillon