Intuitive Painting Classes

Painting and Collage Transformational Art Class

Painting and Collage Transformational Art Class

Painting and Collage Transformational Art Class

Saturday, August 12th, 1-4:00 PM ET
Zoom Platform

Our class is about using Art as a Transformational Practice. You are reclaiming your inner self using paint or collage as the foundation. By incorporating your intuitive voice and meditation principles, you get clarity, inspiration and open to greater possibilities for your life.

Open your heart, close your eyes, and dream.

I am so excited about this class. Lots, of fun….

Painting with a group allows you to share and support each other in expanding your abilities to paint/collage outside the box.

Everyone is welcome to our Zoom painting play class. These classes are appropriate for all levels of painting experience. People come who have never painted and who believe they cannot paint. Experienced painters often experience a deeper level of Soulful connection.

All you need to do is quiet your mind and connect to the paper/canvas and colors of paint. Let go and have fun.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to trust your intuition and your imagination so you can learn to listen to the inner wisdom that will guide you to paint.
  • To move out of your neutral zone into a ‘letting go zone “so that instead of thinking about what you want to paint you will be guided by the colors, brushes, rags, paper, or canvas.
  • The importance of connecting with a community of other creativities that deepen and stimulate your experience.

Let go and have fun.

I hope to see you in our class.

Invite a friend who has never painted to join our group. They will break through their beliefs.

Much Love to You,

Fee: for one class $69.00

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Joyce Dillon, RN, MN, BCC