inside-out gallery presents SOULFUL ECHOES. By Jamel Armand.

His artwork primarily revolves around the depiction of tribal communities, capturing their essence and spirit. The art of Jamel Armand serves as a heartfelt tribute to the timeless purity and aesthetics of bygone civilizations. Through his art, he undertakes a noble mission of honoring these tribes, shedding light on the remarkable beauty and unyielding pride they continue to embody despite the challenges they have faced throughout history.

In his art, Jamel strives to not only preserve the visual heritage of these tribes but also to impart a sense of reverence and admiration for their cultural resilience.

ℹ️ about the exhibition

🖼 VERNISSAGE > Friday, October 6th from 6pm to 9pm

     artist in attendance

🎫 free entry

📅 07|10|23 > 03|12|23
📍rue blaes 132. 1000 brussels
🕙 wednesday – sunday 11:00 – 18:00

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